Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Recent Campus Activities

The following was sent out this afternoon to the CU Islamic Society, CU Jewish Society, CU Palestine Society, CUSU President, relevant CUSU officers and those following the story from the Cambridge student press:

Dear all,

CU Israel Society believes in direct, healthy, honest contact with other societies and in promoting peaceful approaches to sensitive issues that connect us. Our events and actions this term reflect this.

When we find out - indirectly - 24 hours before their arrival that somebody is coming to campus to attempt to rationalise the indiscriminate killing of Israeli Jews, our approach is threatened by the speaker, the society inviting him/her and the student union allowing it.

We urgently propose a meeting between all involved to discuss these issues further and to reach a much needed understanding of mutual respect, face-to-face, to ensure that these obstacles don't present themselves again.

Best wishes,
CU Israel Society Committee

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