Monday, 1 February 2010

Event Change: Thursday 4th February

We will be screening "Promises" (below) this Thursday instead of Professor Benny Morris' presentation on "1948 Revisited."

We understand that whilst Professor Benny Morris’ contribution to history is highly respectable and significant, his personal views are, regrettably, deeply offensive to many.

We want to clarify that the intention of the Israel Society was never to give racism a platform. We had hoped to listen to a historical presentation on “1948” followed by a Q&A - a space for anyone, including those with grievances, to challenge Morris.

Ultimately, we place respect for those who have been offended above the importance of hosting this speaker. As such, in response to complaints about this speaker, we have cancelled this proposed event, and apologise for any unintended offence.

We do still hope to see you on Thursday!


  1. Fascist censorship strikes at Cambridge! Oswald Mosley would be proud of you! If Ilan Pappe were scheduled to speak you would celebrate THAT as academic freedom!

    Shame on you.

  2. What was the controversy? Who was complaining? About which of Morris's views?

  3. Do you seriously believe this decision will endear you to ISOC and its supporters.
    Do you believe they will reciprocate when considering an invite to their next Jew hating Islamist 'Sheik'.
    Maybe you will get them to reconsider the next time Galloway comes to speak on the 'evil' of Israel.

    Did you express your outrage when Irving spoke at Oxford .Meanwhile White is crowing over a famous victory over at Electronic Intifada.

    Perhaps you have been away from home too long .You have been seduced by the genteel refined atmosphere of uni cloisters.

    Better you stick to organising Houmous and tachina socials - that's if ISOC allow you.

    This is not just about free speech ,it's about standing up to those who seek to villify you and stifle you at every opportunity.Why have you made it that much easier for them?

    You dropped the baton big time .

    Shame on you !

  4. You guys do know Morris is speaking today at 12.30pm at Cambridge’s Department of Political and International Studies?